Will you be paying the water bill for your tenants?

The Flood and Water Management Act 2010 contains in section 45 an amendment to the Water Industry Act 1991 by the insertion of a new section 144C. This new section makes the landlord of a rented property jointly and severally liable for the water charges at a rented property, if they have not notified the local water supplier of the details for each new tenant.

The commencement order for this part of the legislation has not yet been passed by Parliament, but this could happen after the consulation period this summer.

Unless landlord’s want to potentially be landed with a large bill, when a tenant has failed to pay and perhaps skipped, they should always notify the water company of a tenant’s details. Don’t rely upon the tenant doing it!

However, none of our landlords need to worry. As standard, we always notify the utilities, including the Gas, Electric & Water
companies about Tenant Changes…. Just as with the Council Tax.
We take our landlords’ position very seriously, and do ALL we can to protect their interests and investments at all times..

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