What’s your place worth now then?

I’m sorry, I don’t want to talk about that thank you!

In the good old days the price of one’s home was a much encouraged topic of conversation in bar and at dinner table by all and sundry. It may have been a middle class obsession at one time – now much less so! Source:- http://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/propertynews/9488646/Talking-about-property-prices-is-taboo.html

House price  ‘chit chat’

Since the property hiatus of recent years the ‘how much is my home worth’ chit chat is only infrequently broached in social circles.

The price of homes

Paul Ainsworth Lord of leading Darwen Estate agent, Ainsworth Lord Estates, says there has been something of a change, “Taking into account that I am, of course, in the business of property, which means people I might be socializing with, if they know, may try and winkle some information from me as reassurance or guidance, I still certainly detect that the price of one’s home nowadays is deemed not a topic to be broached generally in conversation.


People are only too aware that for many the price of their home is far from what they hoped or wished it was and so there is a sensitivity about touching what could well be a raw nerve perhaps.”

Not among friends

A recent survey by the O2 phone company suggests that current home prices is one of THE current taboos of the moment right now and that it is a topic that people do find uncomfortable to discuss. Figures suggest 15% or those surveyed would rather not chat about the price of their home even to their closest friends.

Prediction outlook

Adds Paul, “From my viewpoint, as soon as people know I am an Estate Agent, it is often very different. A kind of hushed ‘consultancy’ often begins – like with say a doctor – as people reveal the raw facts as to their property value dilemma and seek solace in a market prediction outlook from myself as to what to do next – and when to do it!”

Yoyo-ing prices

The whole property price issue is regarded as more taboo to talk about than relationship issues according to O2. Many people are less sensitive talking about what they earn as opposed to the price of their home and people will also talk politics and religion or even illness, before they’ll venture into chat about how they are affected by yo-yo-ing property prices.

Family – not friends

Adds Paul, “What I have found – which is also born out by the survey – is that people are often keener to talk to friends rather than family about the value of their home and that the value of property is still regarded as a badge of ‘doing well’ which in reality today is often not necessarily the case.”

More readily

O2 spokesman David Johnson said the figures showed that in general many Britons were now prepared to talk about all kinds of topics more readily and more openly than in the past.

Your home value 

Adds Paul, “The one topic that this survey statistic doesn’t apply to is the value of one’s home. It used to be such a talking point in days gone by, because it was so often all about prices being on the up up and up.     But, now with prices here locally set to do no more than stay steady, and with no prices leap likely for the foreseeable future, here, as with the rest of the UK, it seems, we’ll all be keeping fairly tight-lipped about the price of our home for the foreseeable future – so hush up, why don’t we!


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