What does a price increase or a price drop REALLY mean?

No damage done?

House prices drop in one part of the North West Region… they stabilise in another … they rise slightly in another …and there is much talk and discussion as to how much prices will or won’t rise in the future – later this year and in 2013 …and even beyond that, if anyone dares try and predict that far ahead!

What’s in a price drop?

But honestly it has to be said – how significant are these price drops and price increases – in the reality of the day to day existence of most of us stand as we are in the cold wind of financial reality in this Spring and early Summer of 2012.


Says Paul Ainsworth Lord, Founder of the leading Darwen Estate Agent, Ainsworth Lord Estates, “Any home buyer on the move right now here in Darwen…. Bolton… Blackburn or wherever – and there’s plenty of them out there in this Region doing just that – may take drop in the price of their home when they sell – that’s a drop in the price they probably unrealistically have in their mind as what their home is worth.

A saving WILL occur!

But, they’ll surely make a saving –– particularly with a good informed estate agent – on the house they buy. So, there’s no real damage done surely!

Off one end – on the other!

Its just money off one end of the deal and money off the other – balancing the reality of the financial scenario totally.

There’s no extra value on the price as a matter of course these days – its just not the 1980s and days of Mrs T any more!.

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