What are buyers really thinking when viewing your home?

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buyers thinking

At Ainsworth Lord Estates it is our job to find out what your potential buyers want, accommodate those needs and get your Lancashire home sold quickly and efficiently. Buyers in Darwen and Blackburn have such a variety to choose from that you need to get your marketing experience right from the beginning. The viewing stage is one of the most fundamental phases of purchasing your dream home and as a seller you’ll know that there is a form of ‘unspoken etiquette’ throughout the process between agent, buyer and seller.

Don’t forget that as a seller you have first-hand experience of what it’s like to be in your buyers shoes. You may even be selling your home whilst looking a new one yourself. Think back to when you bought your first property; what were your first thoughts and impressions? What exactly made you fall in love with the property you decided on in the end, that you’re now attempting to sell and move onto pastures new? There are a variety of buyers who envisage different necessities and requirements, for example:

Men VS Women

Latest research from one of the biggest UK lenders tells us that men are most excited by a prospective properties outside features; e.g. parking space, garage, garden space. Less concerned by location or condition, if you have an apartment for sale that has an outside space prepare to attract more men. On the other hand, women were found to be a lot more passionate about the actual space inside that the property has to offer – as well as its location, structural condition and decorative order.

Families VS Singles

Single home hunters in the North West tend to lean towards large entertaining rooms and blank canvases, compared to families who will opt for those properties with larger kitchens and a ‘ready to move into’ atmosphere. Both characters will appreciate an ample garden, what with 2 million British homes left wanting for this British home-owners ‘x-factor’. Due attention should also be taken by those of you who have gardens with a lot of plants/foliage in particular. This is because it needs to be made clear what the plants actually are, as buyers can be put off a property with the fear of the increasingly publicised likes of Japanese knotweed being present.

First Time Buyers VS Retirees/Downsizers

The majority of first time buyers and retirees/downsizers will both have thoroughly done their homework when it comes to the areas property values, as well as being equally pragmatic to taking fewer risks with their property journey. The difference between these two genres of homebuyers is that they will have largely differing budgets and will be looking for very different types of home. With grandparents sitting on huge piles of equity, now is the time for them to downsize and open up the market for the increasing number of first time buyers.

First Impressions Count!

The study also revealed that nearly two thirds of us have already made up our minds before we’ve even stepped over the properties threshold! So the phrase ‘never judge a book by its cover’ certainly does not apply to the majority of Darwen and Blackburn property hunters. This means that it is really necessary to up your game when it comes to your kerb appeal and home staging ideas if you want to sell your home by Christmas or New Year. 90% of buyers use the internet to view their next potential property online, so crystal clear photography and detailed and thorough descriptions are a must in today’s property market.

At Ainsworth Lord Estates every seller is unique to us and the same goes for our buyers. We’re very proud to be the only Independent estate agent in the whole of Darwen. This also means that we are much more attuned to what buyers in our area truly want. The local knowledge of an estate/letting agent is extremely important to buyers and sellers alike, so we hope we have aided you further in discovering what buyers are really thinking about when they come to view your home this Winter..