Top Tips for Electrical Safety over the Festive Season

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electrical safety

As many of us use this years’ savings on Christmas presents and New Year’s celebrations, you may be looking at ways to save money when it comes to your heating options. With swathes of Christmas lights ready to decorate our homes you need to place electrical safety at the forefront of your mind this year, especially with electrical fires being one of the biggest causes of accidental house fire in Britain.

Electrical fires can start quickly and can be caused by a variety of issues including:

* Socket overload

* Faulty wiring

* Below par products

* General negligence

We want you to have a snug and happy Christmas this year, so please check out the following tips for keeping your appliances safe and reducing the chance of accidental fire in your home this year:

* Look out for a British or European safety mark

To avoid buying an unsafe product always check whether it has a valid electrical safety mark.

* Keep Your Pets in Mind

A recent survey by Electrical Safety First revealed that 65% of pet owners said that their pet would be a bigger loss to them than any of their material possessions they would lose in a house fire situation. But worryingly two thirds of these pet owners admitted to still leaving their mobile phones on charge whilst leaving the house unattended!

At Ainsworth Lord we are real animal lovers, so we urge you to be vigilant about turning off all appliances when leaving home. You don’t know what your pets get up to when you leave the house, so make it ‘pet friendly’ and double check you’ve switched everything off!

* One socket only

You should always try to use just one socket, taking extra care not to overload extension leads. The Electrical Safety Council have a really helpful Socket Overload Calculator here. Try it out now and find out whether you’re currently putting your home at risk of fire.

* Check before bed

It sounds simple, but many of you are still leaving things like TV’s and mobile phones plugged in overnight. Unless the appliance has been designed to be left on constantly, e.g. a fridge or a freezer, switching off appliances will reduce the risk of fire dramatically and save energy too.

* Common Sense

Never leave your Christmas lights on whilst you’re asleep. We know how beautiful it looks on a wet, windy and cold night when your home glistens with the colourful array of fairy lights. After a joyful night with family and friends, falling asleep on the sofa is easily done so before you snuggling on the sofa in your cosy living room, maybe take a moment to turn the lights off.

What if I rent my home?

If you are a tenant who rents your home your landlord has a legal responsibility to make sure that the electrical system is safe from move in date. It needs to be maintained accordingly throughout the tenancy, and your landlord should therefore carry out basic electrical safety checks on a regular basis. If you live in a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) your landlord has an extra obligation to carry out an electrical inspection on the property every 5 years. Furthermore, any appliances that are included with the tenancy must display at least the CE marking, to prove that they comply with all the requirements of European law.

As the festive season draws ever closer make sure you take a moment to think about your electrics. Discover the most proactive Property Agents in Darwen and Blackburn, and stay safe throughout the long winter months ahead..