Stamp Duty issue isn’t ‘the end’

A new home still ‘on’ for first time buyers

Don’t panic !!!! – the ending of the Stamp Duty holiday for all you first time buyers doesn’t mean that a new home is out of your reach. That’s how we see it at Darwen Estate Agent, Ainsworth Lord Estates.

Not a ‘deal breaker’

Without doubt having to pay some 1% stamp duty is certainly another additional expense, but there is no way it should be a ‘deal breaker’ for a conscientious keen first time buyer.

Current statistics show that it is still more expensive in many cases, in terms of monthly outgoings, to rent a property rather than buy one.

Don’t be put off

So don’t let this stamp duty business put you off making the right move –  buy your first home if you possibly can – right now!

The additional stamp duty cost, which, on an average first time buyer property for sale in Darwen is between £1100 and £1500. We reckon this money can could soon be recovered as lower monthly costs will be paid by owning a property instead of renting it.

The Stamp Duty changes surely do not effect the most important requirement to buying a first  home -that is without doubt the availability of an affordable mortgage.

We’re here to help

If a first time buyer gets helps and advice on this and other significant aspects of the purchase of a home –  a good rate mortgage and an accurately priced affordable home to buy – and here at Darwen’s best Estate Agent, Ainsworth Lord Estates, our special first time buyer advice service can ensure they do – then the ‘hit’ from the Stamp duty return is not such a problem overall. It cannot in reality be viewed as being significant enough to stop a first time buyer getting the home they want at a price they can afford.

Ainsworth Lord Estates are to the fore among Darwen’s mortgage advisors and its first time buyer services include an excellent, very well-connected mortgage service. The Darwen Estate Agents always makes it clear to first time buyers exactly what the deposit and mortgage payment requirement are on every first time buyer property for sale.

Yes you can!

Adds ALE Founder Paul Ainsworth Lord, “First time buyers should not be put off by this Stamp Duty situation and they shouldn’t just give in and say – ‘we can’t own our first home right now’.

Check us out. Come in and see us and we will do all we can to make it happen for every first time homebuyer this Spring..

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