Save Money and Keep Energy Efficient This Winter!

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keep warm well at winter

With a dramatic shift in the weather expected right across Britain, we could all be facing freezing gales and heavy snow in just a matter of weeks! It’s up to you whether you believe weather predictions of not, but we’re definitely starting to feel the chill in the Ainsworth Lord office already.

There are so many energy tariffs to choose from these days, it can become a tough task to keep your heating bills under control as well as staying energy efficient. Did you know last winter was said to see the highest rate of cold deaths in 5 years?! As landlords and tenants alike settle in for a hard winter, we understand that you both need to prepare; firstly by securing your property before the weather turns and then putting handy money saving techniques in place for a budget-friendly Christmas and New Year. The similarities continue, as both of you are likely to be facing money issues this year; what with more legislation being piled onto landlords (increasing their costs) and rents rising in most areas around the country. As a letting agent who truly cares, this is where our support and expertise come into play for both parties in our thriving local communities of Darwen and Blackburn.

Nobody should have to choose between heating and eating this year, and with icy winds and heavy snow predicted here are our top tips for landlords and tenants alike who want to keep their bills low and stay toasty warm this winter:

Central Heating

As a landlord it’s important to keep your central heating system regularly maintained and updated, so ask yourself how old the pipework actually is. If it’s over 30-40 years old you should look into getting it replaced, as there are many smaller, modern radiators around now that will be far more efficient and cost effective for you and your tenants.

Insulate, insulate, insulate!

Be sure to insulate your heating system, hot water pipes and your attic space properly, which will save your tenants more money and prevent further heat loss. If you have an inactive fireplace you can also purchase a ‘chimney balloon’ which prevents warm air escaping too.


Are your radiators adjustable? If not you need to gain more control over the output of each radiator by simply fitting adjustable valves, preferably thermostatic valves (TRVs). These will not only save your tenants money and energy, it will also help them to avoid issues such as rooms overheating.

Did you know that by fitting foil behind your radiator it will reflect the heat back into your room, making it feel warmer?


Avoid putting furniture in front of the radiators or covering any other heat sources with curtains, etc. It may sound silly, but it’s still surprising how many people still do this and wonder why the heat isn’t circulating around the room or property – so make sure you pass this onto your tenants. You may also want to consider fitting thermal curtains, which can reduce heat loss by as much as 25%.

Cut Down

Bills can be reduced by up to 10%, simply by turning the thermostat down by just 1°C. You can also retain the heat simply by shutting off your kitchen hob vent whilst cooking, which can keep your

kitchen warm for a good half hour longer. And, it may sound simple, but by only heating the rooms that you’re using you’ll avoid wasting more energy and cash in the long run.

If you are a landlord or tenant in Darwen, Blackburn, Bolton, Accrington or Liverpool’s surrounding areas looking for a dedicated and proactive rental service you’ve come to the right place with Ainsworth Lord Estates. And if you’d like any more advice on any of our energy saving tips above please don’t hesitate to get in touch, as landlords ourselves we know how important it is to keep our tenants happy through the harshest times of the year..