Renting these days often ‘far from ‘ideal’

Time to help out ‘generation rent’?

Is it time for the Government to bring in new private landlord regulations?

The pressures on mortgage availability are without doubt now forcing more and more people to join ‘generation rent’ because in reality they cannot do otherwise.

Not ideal

Renting privately is on the up and up and could be said to often be far from ideal for many tenants, according to recent media research. The fact that there’ll be more tenants in the future would suggest that new regulations are a fundamental requirement for the UK housing market.

Worthy of consideration

Paul Ainsworth Lord, of leading NW Region Letting Agency Ainsworth Lord Estates, himself a professional landlord, says he can see many good reasons why new regulations would seem to be worthy of consideration.

Opportunist ‘amateurs’

“The problem is there’s a new brand of ‘amateur’ landlord out in the current marketplace these days, who really don’t know what they should and shouldn’t be doing. Many of these ‘opportunist amateurs’ are not taking guidance and advice from reputable agents, such as ourselves, in order to ensure they do behave within the law and with tenant safety and consideration in mind.”

Pleased to help

Paul indicated that landlords must ensure they know and meet their responsibilities. “Landlords must meet their responsibilities in the same way that they expect their tenants to meet theirs. We have on occasions been asked for some advice and guidance from tenants here in Darwen and also in Blackburn, Bolton and the surrounding area, who feel they are being treated unreasonably by their landlord. We are pleased to help and advise both tenant and landlord if we can.”

Fewer rights

There is a growing groundswell of disgruntled tenants according to the media, who are fed up with minimal security, unfairly high prices and coping with amateur landlords, who avoid repairs and often levy unfair – even unheard of charges. It is a fact that “Generation Rent” in the UK certainly seem to have fewer rights than many European renters.


Adds Paul, “ The more tenants and amateur landlords there are then the potential is greater for a certain amount of conflict and poor treatment. What does require debate is whether the private rented sector can ‘police’ itself or specific Government backed rules and regulations are needed.

Decent standards

There’s ‘pros and cons’ both ways, of course, as with everything. But, what is clear is that, every tenant should always be living in a rented property that – if you like – meets recognised ‘decent home’ standards. One way or the other – all landlords should be obliged to ensure they achieve this acceptable ‘standard’ for their tenants. So, it may be inevitable that in the near future Government led regulations will be needed – and in the longer term that may be best for all!”.

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