So how tough is it looking?

‘Recovery’ talk? It’s time to ‘get real’

Buyers are holding back from making a move – and are likely to go on doing so on into next year and beyond. They’ll do so until the general financial climate improves.  Source:-


Also, say the experts, with the outlook for first time homebuyers remaining highly challenging, the likelihood of a recovery is a long way off.

Not ringing true

But this constant gloomy talk does not ring true with leading Darwen Estate Agent, Paul Ainsworth Lord of Ainsworth Lord Estates, “I have to say all this use of the word ‘recovery’ seems out of place to me. I mean what is meant here – recovery to what? It is not about harking back to the property marketing days of decades ago any more.

Things are different

There is no point. Things are different now for all homebuyers here in Darwen, Bolton, Blackburn, the North West and indeed everywhere else in the UK. They are really different, due to the financial roller coaster the world economy has been on and its been like that  since 2007.  It’s not about ‘recovery ‘ it’s about progress – and that needs to be the focus.”


For example, says Paul, the latest stats from the Council of Mortgage lenders show progressive increases in mortgage borrowing . “In reality it’s progress like this we want to be talking about.

Take heart

We must take heart that, in various small ways, the green shoots of improvement ARE around and things are better in many ways than last year and certainly the year before that,” adds Paul.

Slow .. but improving

We are where we are. I believe this slow modest month on month improvement will enable many to achieve at least some of what they wish to from the performance of the property market during the rest of this year and next- and that’s good news worth talking about ,” added Paul finally..

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