Paul Ainsworth Lord Talks About “Property Details” (In Scotland, “Property Schedules”)

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Paul Ainsworth Lord from Ainsworth Lord Estates Talks About “Property Details” (In Scotland, “Property Schedules”)

Many people think that agents’ property particulars are designed to give a comprehensive overview of a property that is on the market. We believe this is not strictly the case, and that their role is to encourage people to inspect a property that might be suitable for them.

Too many agents’ particulars contain extensive flowery descriptions of the property, including, for example, where the radiators are situated, who made the boiler, and the name of the bathroom suite. Is there a central light fitting or is it wall mounted? Where is the water stop-cock situated? Do you really care?

Darwen, Blackburn, Ainsworth Lord Estates, Paul Ainsworth Lord, Property Market, Property

Our knowledge of our buyers suggests that people simply want to know enough detail about a property to decide whether to rule it out or decide to view it. Too much detail at such an early stage is superfluous, confusing, unnecessary and can actually be counterproductive.

No-one is likely to purchase a property on the strength of the details alone – they just want to know what the property is like, where it is, how big it is, what condition it is in, how much it is, and whom they should call for a viewing. As long as this information is provided, supported by good internal and external photographs, then viewings will certainly follow, subject to correct pricing of course. Any superfluous information can only be a distraction.

Too much information can also lead to an unwitting breach of advertising regulations if reference has been made to something which is incorrect, such as a window that appears to be double-glazed when it is in fact single-glazed. Was it really that important anyway, in terms of whether or not a buyer would decide to view the property? We think not!

So if, when you market your property through Ainsworth Lord Estates, you feel you sales particulars appear somewhat sparse…it’s deliberate!

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