Our Ultimate Guide to Viewings

So you’ve chosen an estate agent and prepared your property for sale, through various home staging techniques, and now it’s time for your first viewing.

How can I make the most of my property viewings?

Viewing a property is probably one of the most exciting elements of the house hunting process, so you want your prospective buyers to feel welcome and at ease from the start.

We all know that first impressions count and ideally you want your home to appeal to everyone who enters; as it stands to reason that the more prospective buyers who like your home, the higher the selling price will become.

So firstly, find out whether your agent offers the following:

  • Are they open 7 days a week?
  • Are they open in the evenings?
  • Are they advertising your property online, across many different portals?
  • Will they provide feedback on each viewing?
  • Do they offer the option of ‘mass viewings’ / open house viewings?
  • Is your agent informed on what the properties best features are and if there is any interesting history on your home?
  • Is your agent clued up on the good points of the area? E.g. the nearest schools, what the neighbours are like, local amenities, etc….

As the most pro-active Property Agent in the Darwen and Blackburn area, Ainsworth Lord Estates are open 7 days a week, until 8pm on weekdays. This means that our ‘viewings window’ is much larger and far-reaching than any of our competitors; enabling a quicker sale, at a better price.

Ainsworth Lord Viewing Tips, for a successful sale in the East Lancashire area:

  • If your property has parking included, leave this space free for the buyer as it will add to the whole viewing experience.
  • If you happen to be there whilst your agent conducts the viewing, by all means greet the buyer politely but then leave the rest up to your agent; they are the experts after all.
    If they are interested in buying your home, you can get to know them a bit more at the second viewing.
  • If you have pets, keep them out of sight; ideally away from the property altogether.
  • Make the property appear larger and lighter by leaving all internal doors open, as well as making sure that all lights are kept on during evening viewings.
  • You don’t want to appear pushy or desperate, so never ask the buyers if they’re going to make an offer on your property; again, leave this to your agent.
  • If you happen to overhear negative comments from the buyer about your home please don’t take it personally. Afterwards, take on board what was wrong so that you can put things right for the next viewing where possible.
  • Be prepared for interested parties to request a second/third/fourth viewing on your home.

You deserve an estate agent who not only understands the importance of viewings but who will also guarantee the best asking price for your much loved home.

For more tips and advice on viewings or anything else regarding the sale of your home, please get in contact with us today on 01254 760660 or email: Darwen@AinsworthLordEstates.com.