North West to the fore in property survey

Tasty morsels to feed on?

Some good news for the North West Region’s property market and even appreciation of the     mini March heatwave –  these were noticeable ‘morsel’s on the menu of a recently released leading property market survey.

There was even talk of some modest positivity for the Summer outlook despite the sceptics concern about the potentially destructive distractions of the Olympics Games and the Royal Jubilee looming on the horizon.

Increased interest

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors say in its latest survey that there’s been increased interest and potential in the UK housing market for March generally, but variables persist in terms of activity and pricing across the UK.

The survey also suggested the good weather in March could have also been a factor in the overall brighter outlook.

Good news from ‘them’ is very good news

Here, at leading Darwen Estate Agents Ainsworth Lord Estates, we say that the fact that there was positivity to be found in this Surveyors report is particularly good news –  because its from them!

The surveyors set the valuations ,which set the prices, which enable a potential buyer to get the mortgage they need to buy.

The ‘lesser financial outlook’ factor

Our Founder Paul says, “ I’m encouraged as to how things will play out generally in terms of property prices for the near future – in Darwen, Blackburn Bolton and across the Region in general –  in view of the fact that there is growing evidence in this RICS survey of a more fundamentally driven market improvement.

Indeed, as the report indicates, our friends the surveyors, as with financial markets, are now beginning to factor in less economic downside risks going forward – and that is siginificant.”


Being active as Estate and Letting property Agents in Darwen, Blackburn, Bolton and indeed across the Region, we have certainly gleaned, says Paul, some encouragement for sure from the way the North West as an area was seen to be performing in the survey.

The prices of homes of all sizes are holding steady in this Region – steadier than in most other regions. Now, is perhaps the time to say to your Estate Agent – ‘Sell my home – wherever it is here in the North West.’

No price falls of note

There was no drastic property price fall in the NW reported in the survey and only a minimal number of local surveyors locally were out there reporting price reductions – and these were  relatively few and far between and  inany event very modest.

Adds Paul, “This is good news in terms of trends going forward perhaps and the outlook potentially for say the next 6-9 months. Here in the North West, perhaps, I think we can do well and hold our prices through the Summer, while we enjoy the Jubilee and The Olympics – no problem.

On the podium!

A steadily performing property market here in Darwen… Blackburn… Bolton and all over the local area would be my version of a gold medal I think. If we are on the property price risers winners’ podium by the end of the Summer here in the North West – I’ll be pleased!”.

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