Mortgages – get help – its tricky out there!

A challenging summer ahead?

With the key early summerresidential property sales period looming and with property prices in Lancashire continuing to fluctuate, comes news ‘on the street’ that an easing of mortgage rates for the time being is not on the cards.

This suggests that going forward through the Summer for many getting the mortgage they want is set to remain challenging.

Mortgage finance -it can be ‘got’

But, at leading Darwen Estate Agent, Ainsworth Lord Estates, founder, Paul Ainsworth Lord remains adamant that most people can find the finance they need, if they have the right well-connected mortgage adviser and Estate Agent helping them out.

He maintains that right now, it is perhaps very much a question of not trying to ‘busk your way’ to a your mortgage in a DIY way. In the past, perhaps, that may have worked, but, in what is in many respects a somewhat intricate changeable and even at times illogical money marketplace, the best plan is to get a helping hand to guide you .

Latest house price ‘stats’

The latest house price stats show that across Lancashire – in Darwen, Bolton, Blackburn and in most areas of the County,  the average asking price of a detachedhome is on the up as opposed to last year. But there is a fall in the prices of other homes such as semi- detached properties, terraced houses and even apartments – source …

Check with the mortgage ‘man’

Says Paul, “In this situation, in reality getting finance should be not be any more difficult moving on into the Summer than has been the case so far this year. Mortgage availability it is true remains inconsistent, and for this reason home-owners and buyers should seriously make a point of checking in with and chatting to experienced mortgage consultants and advisers as they consider their move or sale.

Then, he adds, they’ll be sure to know what mortgages and finance support can be got and where the sources of potential money are in this complex and varying money marketplace.

Larger deposits – best rates

Adds Paul, “ The mortgages market is not a total lottery – far from it. There are some known consistencies right now – those with a larger deposit will still obtain the best interest rates and the underlying demand for mortgages is still recognised as strong.

The fact that people are still out there trying to get mortgages is still prompting lenders to get together carefully protected competitive ‘deals’ aimed at the right buyers. For lenders – it all about more and more caution – more check and double-check – very much a sign of the times,” says Paul.

Ups and downs

All competent mortgage advisers, having ridden the ups and downs of the financial marketplace over recent months and years and have a grasp of the mortgage market potential now and in the immediate future.

They know it needs a continuing constant level of determination and application at times to make a mortgage happen these days – and it probably is even more the case now than at this time last year.

Workable mortgage opportunities

Adds Paul, “As a company we can go to the right place to find workable mortgage opportunities for our buyers.  We are here to help – so challenge us. In a very high percentage of cases during the first quarter of the year, we made mortgages happen more often than not. It was no magic at all – just knowing what’s possible and whats out there and talking to the right people.

Those keen to get on the move need to be sure and check things out and get a little more financial guidance perhaps than in the past – its very much a case of ‘needs must when the devil rides’ I would have to say”.

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