Live in Lancashire? Start Summer Selling Now!

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Kerb appeal

This week Nationwide have revealed that house price growth jumped by 0.4% month-on-month in July. This has managed to push up the average UK property value to a new all-time high of £195,621, meaning that Lancashire home-owners can now expect an average property price of around £177,000.

Summer isn’t traditionally a great time to put property on the market, is it?

Not usually, no. This is because July and August are generally seen as the main UK ‘holiday season’ and therefore widely construed that there won’t be as many buyers about compared to other busier times of year. But at Ainsworth Lord Estates we have been experiencing staggering demand from buyers at the moment! So we sincerely believe that Lancashire sellers, especially in the Darwen and Blackburn areas, should be taking full advantage of the fewer instructions coupled with the steadily rising house prices and increasing demand.

So how can I prepare my property for a successful Summer sale?

For those of you looking to sell your home, primarily you want a quick and profitable sale. So with this in mind we’ve come up with the following steps, to help you attract the most buyers in the least time:

  1. Declutter

When potential buyers enter your home you want it to be immediately aesthetically pleasing to them. So by making sure it’s presented in all its glory and that it’s easy for prospective buyers to imagine themselves living there, will go a long way to achieving your idea asking price. This means starting with a complete decluttering of each area. There are many issues that are outside of your control when it comes to selling your home, but this is the one thing that you have complete and total control over, so make sure you do it right!

  1. Depersonalize

Another way to be sure that viewings can picture themselves living there for years to come, is to depersonalize the space before taking any marketing photographs. This will aid in the staging process, so be sure to appeal to the broadest range of Buyer preferences by removing personal items such as family photographs, collectables, trophies, anything controversial, etc.

Not only will this appeal to prospective buyers but it will: 1. Mean that you’re organised and ready to move and: 2. Emotionally ready to sell up.

  1. Stage Your Home

Now that you’ve decluttered and depersonalized the space, you can now dress it to present it in its best possible light. Home staging your property will go that one step further in making it as appealing as possible to the masses. You can hire a professional, find an estate agent who is experienced in it, do it yourself or a bit of both! Especially for summer you could try: Make sure the house number(s) are visible from the street, add colour to your windows by dressing the inside with some colour potted plants or give the front door a fresh, inviting coat of paint.

  1. Repairs

Address any repairs that need doing, beginning with the most urgent and obvious ones. Make it easier for prospective Buyers to focus their attention on your home’s positive qualities rather than the negatives by fixing it up so that there aren’t any!

  1. Kerb Appeal

If you have a garden or outside space be sure to give it some ‘Kerb Appeal’. As we’ve highlighted how important it is for the inside to be pleasing, the same goes for the outside of the property.

A previous blog on Kerb Appeal, that may be of interest: Sell your Lancashire home faster by giving it some kerb appeal.

  1. Summer Touches

Lastly, give it that extra ‘summery touch’ by considering the following ideas:

  • Add inviting summery scents, e.g. zesty fruit, cut grass, morning dew, etc.
  • Make it light and airy by turning on the air conditioning or placing fans strategically around your home.
  • Leave out a jug of something cool and refreshing, to revaitalize your viewings down on hazy summer evenings.
  1. Research the competition

Now that you’ve fully prepared your home for summer sale success, find out what other homeowners are doing in your area to make their property appeal to the growing demand.

  1. Consider an Open House

An ‘open house’ is a type of ‘mass marketing’ of property that has become more popular over recent years. Viewings don’t need a specific appointment and will be able to view your home between certain times. It can relieve the pressure on potential buyers as they won’t be the only people viewing it and seeing others interested in the same property can sometimes push them into making an offer sooner rather than later.

  1. Availability

The great thing about using an agent is that you are free to go on holiday and leave them to selling your home. But don’t forget to let your agent know that you’re going away and give them the keys so that they can get in!

  1. Tell the World!

As well as all of the specialist marketing you’ll be accessing directly through your estate agent, don’t forget to tell your neighbours, friends and family about the sale too. Personal recommendation and word of mouth is still one of the most successful marketing tools readily available at our disposal, so be sure to use it!

So if you’re looking to sell, please get in touch with one of our friendly team today – and you could even sell in time for the new school year! 01254 760660 / ..