Lancashire homes front brighter

Its been ‘steady’ and ‘encouraging’ and we are all feeling brighter about the property market performance regionally, in Lancashire and in our own local property market area of Darwen.

Signs are things are looking up – lets hope it continues through 2012!

Reasons to be cheerful

Statistics in numerous quarters indicate there are very real reasons to be encouraged with regards to the outlook into the next quarter of the year on the property front and for a modestly brighter summer ahead when compared to the past couple of years.

Brisk business

Says Founder, Paul Ainsworth Lord, “ There was a slight slowdown in early February as I recall, but, I am pleased to say that as Darwen’s leading Estate Agent, we have been doing brisk business up to and through the Easter break, which bodes well, I think, for the important late Spring/ early Summer selling period ahead.

People are not reluctant to present us with the challenge ‘sell my house’ and seem keen to get on the move if they possibly can.

They are more confident about selling their home for sure now than they were at this same time last year and as Darwen mortgage advisors as well as Estate Agents, we are able to help make the whole move happen for them and more and more seem keen to take the plunge.”

End of year stats show steady move upwards

Lancashire house sales were up some 6% overall in the last month of last year as opposed to 2010. Statistics in the first quarter of the year across the County and the Region, in such as Bolton and Blackburn are also showing a further increase in sales on these figures – and locally in Darwen, house sales have been performing better than the County average.

Almost 500 homes up for sale in Darwen

In Darwen latest ‘stats’ show there are currently almost 500 properties up for sale and this number has been rising month on month during this first quarter of 2012. The average price – by the way – sits at £147,336.

Speed of sale – or not !

That being said, further poring over the statistics will surely suggest that patience is something of a virtue for some of those keen to make a move at the moment!

Homes in Darwen, according to detailed online figures, are taking, on average, up to 240 days to sell. The mid-way ‘mean’ for a sale is around 190 days.

Get the price right

Adds Paul, “I am pleased to say we as a company have been doing much better than that when it comes to getting our clients’ properties sold here in Darwen.

We work very hard with our clients to ensure the price is realistic and thanks to that, and our very active contact network, we have, of late, sold a good few properties – particularly the smaller ones – a much more quickly than the National or Regional figures indicate.

If a property is a realistic price, says Paul, and it looks ‘the part’ in terms of presentation – it can be got ‘out the door’ in under half that quoted statistical timespan. We, as a busy hardworking Estate Agent are certainly selling houses for good prices and in good time in Darwen right now.

Darwen prices stay steady

As to property prices locally in Darwen itself, these are holding steady in certain areas of the market – but easing upward in others – such as for example in the apartments market.

Average house prices in Darwen are £72,861 for a one bed property; a 2-bed home has an average price of around £89,500; 3-beds are around £146,00 and 4-bedroom homes just under £245,000.

Adds Paul, “These prices are, as I say, averages, and presentation and realism in price is the key to getting your home sold in good time. Come in and see us  – we’ll get it sold for you!




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