How to use this year’s interior design trends to sell your property sooner

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With the wonderful summer we’re currently having we thought it the perfect time to have a look at what this season’s hottest and most popular interior design trends have on offer.

Talking of design, we were recently touched by a story where a Blackburn fashion students work was stolen. Just an hour before her exhibit was to close for good, the 4 Japanese-style kimonos student Aimee Grimshaw had spent a year researching and making were nabbed! So Ainsworth Lord Estates bought this young lady (and a friend) silver tickets to September’s fashion extravaganza, along with a goodie bag, train tickets and hotel room. So we hope they have a great time in September!

Interior design is a crucial factor to maximising the value of your property. We all know that contemporary and fashionable home-design will appeal to the masses, but what is fashionable these days? And how can you apply it to your home, for a quicker sale? Here are our top 5 design styles that are on trend this year:

Metallic Finishes

It’s no coincidence that Dulux’s colour of 2015 is Copper Blush, as copper burnished metals and rose coppers dominate the interiors world this year.

From accent touches;

To bold statement pieces;

Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere with copper touches this year.

Natural and Organic Design

Home owners are bringing the outside into their living rooms and homes this year quite literally, with green hues as well as light grey, beige, black and white. Nature and wildlife inspired decorations include leafy patterns, bright fabric prints, floral sofas, cushions buzzing with insects and statement wallpapers & wall hangings. Enhancing the space with flowers and house plants is also a budget friendly way to decorate your home.

So embrace and celebrate nature in 2015, even if it is just adding a few houseplants!

Combining Modern with Classical

This style fuses old and new styles together, for a unique and modern living space.

Experiment with the organic shapes of contemporary furniture alongside rustic accessories and retro colour schemes for the full effect.

50 Shades of Blue

Is blue the new grey for walls? Well it certainly seems that way this year, what with the popularity of midnight hues, chalky vermeer shades and bright cobalt’s. Vibrant and refreshing, there are some really uplifting and rich blue hues available. Calming and empowering, it makes a wonderful accent colour for your home too;

However you decide to integrate this calming, yet empowering colour get experimenting for a truly stunning effect.

Upcycling / Revamping

People have gone ‘revamping’ mad in recent years and 2015 is no exception. Great news for junk shop owners and reclaim yards, as revamping tired furniture, painting old cupboards, finding new uses for objects, e.g. suitcases as a dressing table, baskets as lampshades, old pallets turned into a garden fence, etc.

Think in the mind set of ‘one person’s trash is another’s treasure’ and start getting creative!


Using a palette of black, off-white and grey shades, keep the walls white and mix and match with black high gloss furniture alongside tonal photographs/canvases.

Establish a simple look that will also create a clean, yet sleek and modern view for potential buyers to picture themselves and their belongings in the property.

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