How to stage your home for a viewing during Christmas

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christmas decoration

We’ve all seen them; houses decorated for Christmas with just about every piece of tinsel in the land. Red, white, gold, blue, purple….no colour is off limits. And what about the exterior; light up reindeers on the lawn and glowing Santa’s ‘climbing’ the chimney. They may be eye-catching, but not necessarily in the right way. This is fine if that’s what you like for your home, each to their own. But if you’re selling your house, I hate to break it to you, but it’s essential to get out of this mindset. Your home is no longer your home, it’s now a commodity to be bought and sold on the housing market. You need to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible. And they may not all share your taste in Christmas décor.


So how do you appeal to these buyers browsing the property portals over the Christmas holiday whilst Uncle John snores in the chair across from them? How do you fill your house with that wonderful festive vibe that you love without alienating those who don’t share your personal taste, or, gasp! those who hate Christmas?

Read on for the five top tips to home staging at Christmas time:

  1. Keep it simple

There’s no need to use every single Christmas decoration you own. We’re not in the 1980’s. Santa’s grotto may be super fun for the kids, but your buyers might not feel the same. Pick and choose carefully. If it’s broken, dated, doesn’t go with your chosen colour scheme- don’t use it. You can always bring it out again next year when you’re celebrating Christmas in your new home.


  1. Choose a colour scheme and stick to it.

Speaking of colours, choose two or three and stick to them. Traditional red, green and gold go nicely together and usually go well in more traditional properties. White, purple and silver look lovely in more modern houses. It depends on your home’s décor. Use your wall colours and your furniture as a starting point and try to coordinate your Christmas decorations with them. If in doubt, look online for some Christmas colour inspiration.

  1. Less is more!

If it looks good as it is, don’t add any more. A natural pine garland with a few well-placed candles on a mantelpiece speaks simple style. Maybe add some fairy lights for some sparkle. Christmas trees look great with baubles in your colour scheme, some white or warm white fairy lights and a choice feature on the top. No need to add a sack of tinsel as well.



  1. Decorate key areas, not all areas.

As a general rule, decorate the following: fireplaces, front doors, window sills and, of course, your tree. It’s probably best to leave the ceiling alone this year. It saves getting up on that ladder anyway.


  1. Don’t forget your lighting

Most professional interior designers will tell you that lighting is incredibly important, yet is often neglected when it comes to interior decoration. For home staging at Christmas stick to white or warm-white lighting. These colours will go with any choice of Christmas décor and still provide that lovely cosy feeling we all love at Christmas. You can achieve this with fairy lights or candles. Or both. Just leave those more boisterous lighting pieces in the box this year.

It’s not difficult to stage your home for Christmas. It just requires a little more careful thought that usual. For the first time, you’re not just catering to your own tastes and that of your family, but also complete strangers who may be contemplating handing over vast amounts of money for your house. Make it easier for them

Good luck and have fun!