How do YOU feel about the property ‘thing’ ?

Some of us are feeling better perhaps?

So how do you feel about the property market at the moment – the value of your home in Darwen,Bolton Blackburn or anywhere else across the region for that matter?

How much it is worth and how much it may be worth next year ..and so on?

Less jaundiced….. and some progress!

Well, its got to be true that both home-owners, property landlords and property investors are all perhaps a little less jaundiced about the whole property outlook right now.

They are certainly perhaps in a better frame of mind as opposed to last year and certainly the year before – so we do progress!

Coming to terms with it

This increasing positivity is surely good news as the important Spring and early Summer property sales period looms on the horizon.

Homebuyers, those selling property, the landlords and the investors in Darwen and across the North West Region – as elsewhere in the UK – are coming to terms with the fact that their homes or investment properties will be of supposed less value at certain times as the price index bobs on the uncertainty of the current volatile financial climate.

And  in the main, it seems, they are accepting that this is the reality of today’s property market.

All and sundry

Paul Ainsworth Lord, founder of the Darwen Estate and Letting Agents Ainsworth Lord Estates says, “The situation now is that property prices just don’t increase like they did when in the 1980s Mrs T got the controversial sell-off of Council Housing under-way.

This helped ‘all and sundry’  buy property at rock bottom prices and to delight in a property financial advantage in no time at all.  Also, for a time those price rises kept on coming month on month and year on year and this was the accepted even the expected ‘norm.’

Less lending

We know that these gallloping prices are not the case any more.

Nor will  it be the case for the foreseeable future – if ever and that will impact on the house prices in Darwen the Region and the UK  going forward.


This is, of course, all due to the current financial climate and because Banks are currently so unwilling to lend money to so many people to buy property in that good ol’  ‘willy nilly’ sort of way as they did in days gone by.

“Its no surprise then that there’s no built-in extra pile of cash to be had from your home at any given moment that it suits you to collect it. Those times have gone – get over it,” adds Paul..

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