House prices – up and down – we’re here to help

We have the answer

Here at ALE we have the answer to the stream of never ending mixed views it seems right now about what is going to happen to house prices in the key Spring selling season just ahead.

Ignore all the ifs and buts

We say that home-owners should ignore all the ifs, buts and maybes about house prices.

Explains ALE founder, Paul Ainsworth Lord,“With the right guidance and advice as to the potential market selling value of your home, any home-owner in the local area, keen to get on the move right now can in any event do so with confidence.”

Mixed views

On the one hand, national statistics suggest a minimal fall in average house prices in our local region then there is a survey by the Halifax suggesting more of us expect an increase in house prices during 2012 and economistswill tell you that house prices look set to stabilise during the next 12 months. – So what are the facts?

Get good local advice

ALE says to just relax and get some good local advice about your local marketplace to assist you to make your decision to move and to clarify the realistic value of your home.

What’s in a price

Adds Paul, “Home-owners should not really focus so much on the actual price of their home The average house price in the Region is £122,218 – but what does that mean and how relevant is it?

Here to help

ALE is of course ready, willing and able to help you balance all these conflicting house pricing views and will ensure you can get your home sold quickly and at a fair and right price..

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