Get to know YOUR mortgage!

We at Darwen Estate Agents, Ainsworth Lord Estates, pride ourselves on our up to date knowledge and expertise in the mortgages marketplace. As a Darwen mortgage adviser we know the business ins and outs of property finance .

We have an excellent mortgage service available to all our qualified home-buyers here in Darwen and also in surrounding areas, Blackburn and Bolton too. We are well connected with the leading mortgage providers.

Mortgage on offer

We are ready, willing and able to help guide and advise everyone – including first time buyers – on their mortgage, so that they can confidently consider a move at this time – and without doubt there ARE Mortgages are there to be had!

But, what is important right now, is to be sure you get the right mortgage. Knowing ALL the financial facts about your mortgage in the immediate and longer term is essential, as is a need to get all the advice and help you can about the mortgage you are considering.  Its ‘a must’ in these tricky financial times

Mortgage outlook brightening

We at Darwen Estate Agents, ALE can say for sure that right now, there is something of a ‘brightening’ on the mortgage lending outlook going forward. But, if the message to us is ‘sell my house – I’m moving on’ – you need to be meticulously clear of all the details about any new mortgage you are considering – the rates, deposit requirement, penalty get out clauses, fees and so on.

Really get to know that mortgage and its terms and everything about it – an essential to avoid a nasty surprise due to some variable financial change of some kind later on.

You’ll need a deposit

A good sized deposit is still an absolute requirement in most cases to make a mortgage ‘happen’ .

The deposit benchmark these days is 25% . Its a fact you’ll be close to getting the best mortgage rate if you pay that level of deposit. For the cheapest payment rate your deposit could need to be up to 40 per cent!

Good deals for first time buyers

ALE, as Darwen’s leading Estate Agents, are here particularly to give help and advice to the first time buyer,

We know  there are some good first time buyer deals around  – with 15% and even 10% deposit requirements. This area of the lending market is also getting brighter for the future – which is good news.

Interest rates?

As for interest rates – the ALE Estate Agent’s view is that nothing dramatic is on the horizon with the earliest time for a modest basic rate rise emerging as late next year or more likely into 2014..

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