Don’t let your carpets damage your sale

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You have put your house on the market, you have made an effort to present it but as we all know, buyers can see past old decor and a bit of clutter – right?


One of the biggest mistakes with vendors is perception, they perceive buyers can see past anything that is tired when in reality most imperfections can actually turn off buyers.  Surprisingly, the results of a recent poll by home improvement store Wickes found that the biggest turn off of all was carpets, 1970’s style or dirty carpets being the worst.  Out of the 100 estate agents questioned, 61 per cent stated stained carpets as the number one turn off and 53 per cent 1970’s carpets.  Replacing such carpets and flooring is essential if you want to sell your home for the highest possible price, research suggests that replacing poor  with new can add approximately £2500 to your home.  You need to look at your property, not through your eyes but the eyes of your buyers, never assume.


But what else made the list?

49 per cent of the agents polled states that Artex ceilings and wood chip wallpaper also put off potential buyers.

Mitz Vaghji, flooring category manager at Wickes, said: “While the top tip to help sell your home is painting interior walls in neutral colours, a beautiful new floor can easily help to transform your home and increase your chances of selling.  Having good quality flooring consistently throughout your home has been proven to add value, and with the affordable ranges available at Wickes, there is something to suit every home at a great price.”

As estate agents, we also want to achieve the best price for your property and therefore, many of us will help to make your property presentable for a viewing, often hiding away ‘inappropriate items’ left lying around, making beds and even a quick vacuum.  This is not ideal as we can only doing a quick fix whereas a home that has been decluttered, deep cleaned, had it’s decor refreshed and been presented for sale is more likely to sell quicker and for a higher price than one that hasn’t.


Selling your home is more than simply placing a for sale sign outside, it’s about thinking what a buyer wants from your home and showing them it.  For example, if your home suits the family market and you don’t stage each bedroom as a bedroom, buyers may think that a particular room is too small and unable to picture the room decorated for their child.  By placing a bed in a room (the largest size that will fit comfortably) buyers can see the room as a bedroom and make informed decisions.

If you would like advice on presenting your home for sale, contact one of sales team today so when you put your house on the market you know you won’t be damaging your sale..