‘Battle of the sexes’ property survey

Views on property – those ‘gender’ differences

There’s been a bit of a ‘battle of the sexes’ survey on the property scene of late , produced and put out by the Halifax. It  offers numerous views and comparisons on where men stand with regards to the property market situation and its outlook for the future, in contrast to the views and attitudes of the ‘fairer’ sex. Source:- http://www.independent.co.uk/property/the-differences-between-women-and-men-7924240.html

Paul vs Debbie at ALE

Locally in Darwen, the fastest growing, fastest selling, estate agency in town, Ainsworth Lord Estates, happens to be run by a husband and wife team – Paul Ainsworth Lord and his wife Debbie – so who better to test ‘our survey’ on?

Who thinks what? 

Our Halifax survey says…. that the men are the more optimistic about house price prospects, but in our Darwen property market battle of the sexes, Debbie maintains that prices will rise month on month from September into 2013, while Paul can see a drop off at the turn of the year!

More pessimistic

OurHalifax survey says….. women are more pessimistic about becoming home-owners, but, Debbie is sure the ladies she knows are keen to own a home if they can. Paul says caution and not wanting to be short of spending money can hold back the Lancashire ‘lad’ back from buying a property to an extent.

Less likely to rent

Our Halifax survey says …. women are more likely to be homeowners and less likely to be renting. Debbie is convinced, and Paul agrees with her. Locally the ladies tend to press on and buy if they possibly can and work hard – even taking an evening job – in order to do so.

Job security

Our Halifax survey says….. men and women are concerned over job security as the main pressure facing potential home-buyers. Women are, it says, more pessimistic than men about their prospects of owning their own home and more women still want to do so despite the challenging financial environment

Keener to save

Says Debbie the ladies are cautious yes, but are keener perhaps to save in order to buy.Paul adds that male or female locally, the deposit ‘battle’ issue is a key to buying a home as it is across the whole of the UK.

Having to wait

The rented market remains very active locally to both sexes, because for a good few ‘girls and boys’ that home-buying deposit just can’t be got right now and many are facing a wait while they attempt to save at least a good portion of the deposit they need.

Don’t think so….

Our Halifax survey says…. 43% of women aged 20-45 year would like to buy a home, but do not think they will ever be able to, compared to just over a third of men of the same age.

Lenders’ network

“It is tough for sure”, says Paul, but, he adds, that it is possible to make a move and that applies to first timers too, “We as a company have a network of lenders that have enabled us to do business steadily from the start of the year. We have helped find the funds to get a good few local people moving of late and that includes first timers despite the end of the stamp duty ‘holiday’

More financial support

“That’s the way we hope it will be on into the Autumn.” adds Debbie who, by the way, detects more larger scale financial support from parents for daughters than sons.

What about the future?

Finally, how confident should one be when it comes to the future housing market outlook into next year and even beyond…… on this Paul and Debbie agree it’ll be better than ‘our surveys says’!

Improving momentum

There’ll be steady price rises  – they think – and no noticeable slowdown – in fact an improvement in the euro-zone financial situation  will bring about improved lending potential into 2013.

Good New Year start

This will in turn mean a good start of the New Year and a build-up of improved momentum for the property market following on.

Revved up

Say Debbie and Paul – “We are confident that we’ll go on growing and doing more good business in Darwen, Blackburn, Bolton and throughout the Region, all through the Autumn and early Winter – and then we’ll be revved up for a bustling busy start to 2013 – fingers crossed for all that’s the way it is! “.

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