Apparently home-owning is ‘sexy’

Welcome ladies

We’ll be having more and more ladies seeking our services as a leading Estate Agent in Darwen it seems – why?

Because more and more these days – certainly over say the past decade – the numbers of single women buying homes on their own goes on rising.

A recent housing study reveals that year on year the number of women buying their own property has been on a steady increase.

Locally too

It is now up around the 20% mark in terms of the total number of people currently buying a home and this fact applies also apparently to buying a home in Darwen or Bolton or Blackburn or anywhere for that matter.

The home buying women of the 21st century are varied in terms of their social status – divorced, never married, separated, widowed, have children, live alone or are living with friends or partners.

I’ll buy my own

Trends though these days suggest that women are more self-sufficient about the whole issue of home-buying and are less inclined to wait for any potential relationship partner to provide them with that all important place to live.

Did you know home-owning is sexy?

Own a home – impress the ladies!

Men who own their own properties are more likely to impress the local ladies, we understand here at the new Ainsworth Lord Estate Agents’ HQ in Darwen.

That’s not all either – take a note if you’ve room-mates because you’ ll possibly be less in demand as a date!

Checking views locally on property trends in the likes of Darwen, Blackburn and Bolton and surfing the world wide web too reveals reveals some interesting facts about homes and social relationships.

It seems for sure owning your own home could be a plus when it comes wooing a Lancashire lassie

One in three women prefer ….

Our conversations with lady customers at our Darwen Estate Agents reveals that they very much approve of a man with his own home, but expect the best of both worlds. That is, that they also want him to impress them from time to time by splashing the cash on luxuries such as weekend breaks and trendy expensive nights out!

Be cunning perhaps!

It’s suggested in the face of this situation perhaps we men need to be cunning. Impress the girl with some seemingly spontaneous ‘show-off ‘spending from time to time, on the one hand, but, on the other also impress and reassure them with stories of plans t buy a home of their own at some time in the near future

Can be a ‘

Live alone for woo-ing success

Surveys and property trend checks reveal that the one type of living status which we understand here in Darwen at the Ainsworth Lord Estate and Lettings Agents is certainly appreciated in a man by a women,  is that he lives alone whether letting or buying a property.

This seems to be very much the preference when considering a relationship or potential partner

And take a note living with parents – on the increase for many of today’s hard- up youngsters – tends to still be very much a negative in the minds of both sexes seeking a social or longer term partner..

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