ALE’s ‘tip top’ trading performance

The ALE ‘team’ is growing fast

Things go on booming at fast growing Ainsworth Lord Estates, Darwen’s leading Estate Agents.

Trading on the up and up

The company has achieved a better than predicted trading performance since the start of the year,  exceeding the  company’s potential business  ‘guestimate’ by some twenty per cent.

Extra staff

This additional property sales and rental activity mean extra staff were ‘a must’ to support Sales Director Debbie Ainsworth Lord. Two new team members were  recruited earlier in the year and now with a further two more staff  have been added to the  workforce in the last quarter.

Stats tell a good story for ALE

The company goes on showing up well in the various Regional agency statistical performance tables, which indicate that Ainsworth Lord Estates is performing best of some 53 local area agents in terms of recent new property ‘take-on’ listings.

Service delivery

But ALE has not been resting on its laurels. The UK’s top estate agency trainer Richard Rawlings has visited to coach the growing ALE team  in all aspects of service delivery.

Extra mile

Says Founder, Paul Ainsworth Lord, “This business is all about going the extra mile – and we are striving to do that little bit more to make as many local people as possible keen to be  clients of ours – and Richard’s expertise and guidance I am sure has helped us go on doing just that.

Always here to help

ALE is on hand to help and advise every buyer and seller currently active within the local property market in Darwen,  in the neighbouring areas of Blackburn and Bolton, where Ainsworth Lord Estates is establishing a growing reputation, and indeed across the North West Region.

Help and support for all

Explains Paul, “We want to encourage and assist everyone needing help and support in their property dealings, whoever they are – and we mean everyone. We are not an agent which is just interested in the well-heeled and successfully established – although, of course, they come to us too! ”

New service initiatives well-established

The ALE company continues to operate and develop key specific service initiatives to make buyers and landlords more confident than ever of choosing Ainsworth Lord Estates to help them in what still is a most testing property marketplace.

Trading success

Says Paul “We have made a point of promoting advisory and guidance services and this accounts I think a lot for the success of our trading performance during this year so far.

Landlord help and guidance

The availability of buy to let mortgages means that there has been a good few ‘amateur’ landlords coming into the market and ALE recognizes they need the right advice and guidance to ensure their buy to let ventures are a success.

‘Ins and outs’

Says Paul, “As landlords ourselves, we know all the ‘ins and outs’ of the rentals business and have made a point of offering our advice and guidance without obligation and also helping with ‘buy to let’ finance.

Special help for ‘first timers

First time buyers are also very much a priority for ALE.  The company’s         first time buyer scheme aims to ensure all first timers are fully aware of all aspects of the financial commitment they may face  and that they have the full facts at every stage of their buying decision.

First time buyer mortgages

Says Paul, “We always present first time buyers the most carefully produced calculations of their purchase, highlighting the deposit, monthly mortgage payments and other potential expenses on any property they are considering so they know exactly what they are facing week on week. We are also excellently connected, of course, and have access to good value first time buyer mortgages.”.

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