7 ways to add extra value to your home, for a successful Autumn sale

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en-suite bathroom

As we approach the August bank holiday, not only does it mark the beginning of a new school term but it’s also a perfect time to get your property on the market. You want to be safe and snug in your new Lancashire-based home before the Christmas holidays start, so here are some options you may not have thought of to add an extra bit of value, and catch the eye of the more serious and discerning buyer. According to Nationwide Building Society, for every 10% extra floor space added you can boost your homes’ value by around 5%! So what could you do to add some real value, before putting your home on the market?

  1. Loft Conversion

Go up in the world and increase the value of a property by as much as 20% with a loft conversion. It can then be used as another bedroom, a nursery, a home office – the list is endless. The bottom line is that the more space your home has, the more desirable it’s going to be to potential buyers. Remember to find out if you need planning permission.

  1. Add Central Heating

Buyers want the bare essentials, and central heating throughout the house is a real must nowadays. If you don’t have it already start getting quotes now, as it will add approximately £5,000 to your property’s value.

  1. Double Glazing

New double-glazed windows, or secondary glazing fitted within the existing windows, will make your home considerably more ‘sellable’, as well as adding value to it. Be sure to match the frames with the style of your home, e.g. don’t replace wooden frames with plastic ones. Tap into the era and style of your home and then enhance it.

  1. Complete Cosmetic Redecoration

An extreme cosmetic makeover could add between 5-10% onto your property’s value. Ideas to seriously consider are: an up-to-date kitchen, new tiling throughout, underfloor-heating, etc.

  1. Extra Bathroom(s)

If you are trying to attract families then an extra bathroom/toilet facilities will be a definite bonus to them – especially if it requires no extra work and is in a great location. You can expect a 45%-50% return on your investment by doing so.

  1. Ensuite Bathroom(s)

If your property has two bedrooms or more then adding an en-suite bathroom can really boost its value. Where, according to Nationwide, it can add around 6% onto your home’s worth. En-suites will also be more desirable in higher value areas.

  1. Conservatory

Whereas other home improvement options fell by the wayside during the economic crash, conservatory building remained steady and popular. Done well an average conservatory can add around 7%-11% to the value, depending on its size. Be sure to get a selection of quotes, as a badly constructed conservatory could work against you and knock thousands off your home instead!


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