5 stress-busting tips for moving home

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Moving Home

Happy New Year! We hope you have had a wonderful festive season.

For many a New Year sparks decisions of change, and this means moving home. They say that moving house is one of the most stressful things that you can ever do in your life.

The chances are, if you are moving home, then your stress levels are probably hitting the roof. This can be exacerbated more if you throw kids into the mix too. Not forgetting the emotional upheaval. Let’s face it unless you’re used to moving around, your move can be very daunting indeed.

Here are 5 stress-busting tips for moving home.

1. Get organised

Start decluttering, at least, a month before moving day. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t really leave your packing until the last minute!


Items such as clothes and books that are not used every day can be boxed away in advance, and guess what? you can do this while the kids are in bed. Start making a list of things you don’t need to take with you and arrange for them to go to a local charity.

2. Research your new area.

It’s really important that you and your family become familiar with your new surroundings as soon as possible. It will then start to feel like home.


This is even more vital if you’re are going to go through a big change, like moving from a rural area into the city. Give your children the opportunity to join new clubs or sports facilities in advance. This will give them and you the opportunity to look forward to doing new things and meeting new people.

3. Budget

There are so many outgoings to consider when you move home. To reduce stress you should work out your expenditure and budget. It would be really useful for you to do this advance to ensure you are able to cover all of the costs (sometimes unexpected) associated with moving. To save money during this time, be sure to budget for things like conveyancing, surveying and removals.

4. Hire a professional removal company

If your finances allow, of course, it would be much easier for you to get some expert help when moving home. Inform your removal company of your requirements in advance so that they are fully prepared. The company may even provide a packing service, which is less stress for you again, right?


It will save you time and energy that you’ll be able to conserve as your big day approaches.

It is also important that you hire accredited professionals. If you are confident that the company you have hired are skilled, then you’ll be able to relax and let them get on with all of the hard work.

5. Last but by no means least – Have Fun!

Make moving a fun adventure for the whole family. Let the kids pack their own bag or box and also choose their own décor for their new rooms.

Moving can be scary, but you should always view it as an exciting and positive experience because it is. It’s the start of a new chapter for you and your family which begins in discovering your new home.


Not everything will go your way, but if you keep a sense of humour, moving can be fun.

Happy Moving!.